Walnut Heights

Welcome to Walnut Heights

Walnut Heights was once a rancho, known as Rancho del Arroyo de las Bobones, owned by Maria Castro during Mexico's era of rule over California. She had a nephew named Ygnacio, which Ygnacio Valley and Ygnacio Valley Road were named for. Rancho del Arroyo de las Bobones, which roughly translates to “Walnuts of the Creek Ranch".
Walnut Heights spans from the intersection of Walnut Boulevard/Walker Avenue/Eckley Lane (north side), to Shell Ridge and Walnut Creek Open Space (east and south), Mountain View Blvd. (southeast), and Shady Glen Rd (west).
Served by Walnut Heights Elementary of the Walnut Creek School District, the neighborhood is surrounded by parks, open space, trails and community pools and swim teams. Residents enjoy the proximity to downtown and recreational activities, as well as the mix of housing styles and country-vibe in many areas of the neighborhood.


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